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STEM Education
STEM Education
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  • Science

    A system based on predictable and orderly knowledge of the form, organization, etc of an objective thing.

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  • Technology

    The way to solve problems is to use existing things to form new things, or to change existing things.

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  • Engineering

    The conversion of a (or some) existing entity (natural or man-made) into an artificial product with the desired use value.

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  • Mathematics

    A discipline that studies the concepts of quantity, structure, change, space, and information, from some point of view, belongs to the form science.

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The mastery of knowledge is not difficult, as long as the perseverance to learn, and strive to master the law, to reach the familiar situation, can be mastered, easy.
Teaching must start with the experience of the learner.

Dr. Pei JIA
Founder & SEO
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Latest News

Stanford researchers develop a new type of soft, growing robot.

A newly developed vine-like robot can grow across long distances without moving its whole body. It could prove useful in search and rescue operations and medical applications.

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Bringing neural networks to cellphones

In recent years, the best-performing artificial-intelligence systems — in areas such as autonomous driving, speech recognition, computer vision, and automatic translation — have come courtesy of software systems known as neural networks.

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Robots to the rescue!

Rapid advances in technology are revolutionizing the roles of aerial, terrestrial and maritime robotic systems in disaster relief, search and rescue (SAR) and salvage operations. Robots and drones can be deployed quickly in areas deemed too unsafe for humans and are used to guide rescuers, collect data, deliver essential supplies or provide communication services.

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Events of learn

Past & Upcoming Events

  • Beta Collective Co-working Workspace 3rd Year Anniversary
    • July 13, 2017
    • #3 - 10318 Whalley Blvd., Surrey, BC, Canada. V3T 4H4
    • 14:00 PM - 18:00 PM
    • $0.00 CAD

    Longer Vision talked with Surrey's FIRST Co-working Workspace Beta Collective's founder Jason about giving classes in Beta Collective's Co-working Workspace.

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  • Maker Cube Collaboration Meeting
    • July 27, 2017
    • #202 - 10663 King George Blvd. Surrey, Canada V3T 2X6
    • 16:00 PM - 19:00 PM
    • $0.00 CAD

    Longer Vision discussed with Maker Cube about our collaboration on teaching Linux, Robotics, IoT, etc. Mr. Doug, CEO of Maker Cube, provided detailed info about the learning plan for each course under design.

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  • 9Cat Meetup #Surrey
    • August 5, 2017
    • 20:00 PM - 22:00 PM
    • $0.00 CAD

    Dr. Pei is introducing the basic concept of Arduino, sensor kit for Arduino, etc. Attendance have shown their great interests and are looking forward to more prefessional projects to be discussed.

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  • 9Cat Meetup #Surrey
    • August 12, 2017
    • Vancity, 12820 96 Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V3V 6A8
    • 20:00 PM - 22:00 PM
    • $0.00 CAD

    This time, Dr. Pei introduced the servo motor to drive a 4-wheel driven toy vehicle. Some demonstrative videos are provided to show the experimental results.

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Education Partners

  • 9Cat Community
  • Fraser Valley Makerspace
  • Maker Cube
  • Beta Collective

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This institution attaches great importance to the development of the new robot technology company, which is one of the young robots. Specializing in robotics and embedded systems, a variety of computer vision hotspot algorithms.

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